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Table of Titles

A Holocene sediment cascade from the environs of Göbekli Tepe, SE Turkey.

Authors: Moritz Nykamp, Fabian Becker, Ricarda Braun, Daniel Knitter, Brigitta Schütt

Agropastoralism in Ancient Pergamon---An Agent-based Modelling Approach.

Authors: Gerrit Günther, Daniel Knitter, Thomas Clemen

At the source of the Sibarys River: new data and human settlement in a mountain area through the spatial analysis.

Author: Giuseppina Renda

Continuity and change in the Almanzora Valley (Almería, Spain) between the Roman world and the Islamic establishment.

Authors: Francisco Pérez Martínez, Manuela García Pardo, María Juana López Medina

Cultural and ecological resilience of indigenous communities and their territory: Traditional Ecological Knowledge associated with mammals, landscape and culture.

Authors: Marcela Ortega

Cultural landscapes versus natural landscapes during the Roman conquest of Northern Iberia.

Authors: Sebastián Pérez-Díaz, Almudena Orejas Saco del Valle, Francisco Javier Sánchez Palencia, José Antonio López-Sáez

Determining maximum agricultural spread in a terraced landscape of a Mediterranean mountain range (Sierra de Aitana, Alicante, Spain).

Authors: Giménez-Font, P.; Ramón-Morte, A.; Marco-Molina, J.A.; Padilla-Blanco, A.; Sánchez-Pardo, A.

Exploring past shifts in resource use and energy regimes in Europe: assessment of HYDE3.2 capacity in historical socio-ecological transitions estimation.

Authors: Anhelina Zapolska, Didier Roche, Ronald van Balen, Sjoerd Kluiving

Geoarchaeological study of the Peña de Mudá 1 cave (Mudá, Palencia): a Middle Paleolithic site in the Alto Pisuerga.

Authors: Marta Cañete Gómez, José Antonio Caro Gómez, Genaro Álvarez García, Ángeles Valle Gómez, José Antonio Riquelme Cantal, Eusebio Medina Luque, Miguel Ángel Toledano Cantero, Manuel Bermúdez Blanco

Groundwater and protohistoric rituals in an ancestral sanctuary: the Font Major Cave (l'Espluga de Francolí, Conca de Barberà, Tarragona).

Authors: Ivan Cots, Samuel Sardà, Jordi Diloli

History of a mountain: the Sierra de Aralar (Basque Country-Navarra, North of the Iberian Peninsula) during recent Prehistory.

Author: Mónica Ruiz-Alonso

Human-environment interactions in the Belgian Dijle-Demer catchment (800 BC-1000 AD). An interdisciplinary approach.

Authors: Marleen van Zon, Bart Vanmontfort, Gert Verstraeten, Nils Broothaerts

Khaytabad Tepa Archaeological Survey: Preliminaries to the Intensive Survey of the Bactrian Lowland.

Author: Jakub Havlík

Landscape evolution from the mid-Holocene in a mountain area of the Cantabrian range: the role of fire.

Authors: Sara Rodríguez-Coteron , Marc Sánchez Morales, Virginia Carracedo-Martín, Juan Carlos García-Codron, Jordi Nadal, Albert Pèlachs , Ramon Pérez-Obiol, Joan Manuel Soriano

Late Iron Age rural settlements in the Middle Segura Valley: the site of Castillejo de los Baños.

Author: Leticia López-Mondéjar

Mapping the forest exploitation of El Argar territory (2200-1550 cal BC) through charcoal analysis and GIS synergy.

Authors: Mireia Celma Martínez, Ana Baño López

Megalithic Landscapes of the Medium Basin of the Guadiana River: Architectures and Forms of Territorial Implementation.

Author: Esther Navajo Samaniego

Monduver Paleolandslide as its relationship with the human use of the Parpalló Cave (Valencia province, Spain).

Authors: Juana Jordá Guijarro, Mar Cerdá Sala, Antonio Sánchez-Sánchez, Anna Ronda Femenia, Mercedes Tendero Porras, José Enrique Tent-Manclús

Neanderthals and paleofloods: hydro-dynamic modeling of hydrological extreme events for Mousterian sites in Central Spain.

Authors: Julio Garrote, Andrés Díez-Herrero, David Álvarez-Alonso, María de Andrés-Herrero, Jesús Francisco Jordá-Pardo

Pottery clays quarries in the domain territory of ancient Ilici (Alicante, SE Spain).

Authors: Juana Jordá Guijarro, Mar Cerdá Sala, Antonio Sánchez-Sánchez, Anna Ronda Femenia, Mercedes Tendero Porras, José Enrique Tent-Manclús

Prehistory and Antiquity in the Upper Almanzora (Almería, Spain). Strategies for the use of alluvial lands and anthropisation of the landscape.

Authors: María de la Paz Román Díaz, Catalina Martínez Padilla, María Juana López Medina, Nicolás Suárez de Urbina Chapman

Rural landscapes in southeastern Iberia : the Guadalentin valley at the beginning of the Iron Age (8th-6th centuries BC).

Author: Benjamín Cutillas Victoria

Socioeconomic spaces crossing borders: archaeological studies on a town at the Bavarian-Bohemian border.

Authors: Rainer Schreg, Michal Preusz, Viviane Diederich, Petr Netolický

Strontium isotopes in Iberia: 12 years of studies in human mobility.

Authors: Paula Becerra, Antonio Uriarte, Alberto Pérez-Villa, Juan M. Vicent, Marta Díaz-Zorita, Pedro Díaz-del-Río.


The contribution of archeobotany to the study of Holocene cultural landscapes: the case of the Valle Salado (Northern Spain)

Authors: Mónica Ruiz-Alonso, Sebastián Pérez-Díaz, Alberto Plata-Montero, José Manuel Martínez-Torrecilla, José Antonio López-Sáez

The Messapian fortified center at Li Schiavoni (Puglia, Southern Italy) in the settlement system of the Ionian coastal area of Salento.

Author: Giovanna Cera

The perfect fusion: an invisible heritage and a local community. Facing the landscape of the Venice Countryside.

Author: Elisa Corrò

Wetland Deposition Practices in Iron Age Wales and Scotland: Alluvial/Fluvial Analyses.

Author: Tiffany Treadway

30 years of landscape archeology through gis: a case study.

Author: Andrés Martín García de la Cruz

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